How are you, folks?! The fall semester is coming up fast, which means so is ILLEST OF ILL 2014

The Illest crew is very happy to announce this year’s theme for the show on Friday, October 10th—
Our mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no illustrator has gone before.

We’ve had a couple really classic themes in the past few years so we figure it’s time to start hurtling headlong into the future. From the bottom of the sea to the edges of the universe— think classics like 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea to Indiana Jones to space dramas like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dune. Where are you going, and which mysterious places, spaces, caves, or trenches will we explore next? This year’s theme is all about exploring the unexplored and unimaginable, from outer space to the inner crust of the Earth.

Please do remember that the Final Frontier theme only applies to the Poster & T-Shirt design contest, decorations and costumes for the exhibition! File size and format specifications for these designs will be announced as school begins (though count on a vertical format).
DEADLINE for poster & t-shirt designs will be Thursday, August 28th at midnight!

The artwork submitted to the Illest of Illustration show does NOT have to reflect the Final Frontier theme. Subject matter or theme of submitted artworks will NOT affect judging.

Each participant (members of RCAD’s Illustration department only) can submit a maximum of 3 entries, including sketchbook and sculpture entries. Submissions will digital so please be sure that you have a high quality digital file or scan to turn in! We will be releasing more details on size, resolution and other specifications as the submission date draws closer.
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS is Thursday, September 18th by 11PM!

Please email any questions to or post a comment below this post.
Look out for more announcements as the semester starts rolling! We’ll be posting inspiration much like what you see above to give you an idea about what the theme this year is all about!
Enjoy the rest of your summers!!
The Illest Crew

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