Ill 2014

Here’s some more info for you guys now that the year is starting soon!
just a reminder about the theme, it doesn’t have to be exclusively space-themed! It’s about ADVENTURE! Make it as broad as you want, just make it good ;)

Some official guidelines for our Poster and T-shirt submissions—

The poster and t-shirt designs should reflect this year’s theme of “The Final Frontier” and MUST have “ILLEST OF ILLUSTRATION 2014” or “ILLEST OF ILL 2014” somewhere on the design—
Additionally, if you are designing a poster please put the date and location of the show in your design (Friday, October 10th in the Exhibition Hall)
and leave space to add in the names of the guest judges!!

You are also allowed to include “The Final Frontier”/”9th Annual”/anything related to the Illest date or place!’

If you are making a T-shirt design they must be restricted to 2 or 3 colors, not including the shirt color itself (remember, successful t-shirt designs often utilize halftones as well as extremely limited palettes)!
Posters may be a full range of color!

Dimensions of Artwork:
T-Shirt: 11” by 14”, CMYK, 300 DPI
Poster: 18” by 24”, CMYK, 300 DPI

Your artwork/file sizes may be larger than this but remember to keep the dimensions the same! If your design is chosen it will be sold at every Illest of Ill event from now until the end of time (or until they’re sold out). It’s pretty awesome!

Submissions will be due on THURSDAY, AUGUST 28th by midnight— please email them to!

Voting will take place the following night, AUGUST 30th, as well as our guest judge announcement! BE THERE!

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