SO excited to announce our guest judges for Illest of Illustration 2014—
Victo Ngai and Rebecca Mock!!!

tumblr_nbchvxtGUj1qgm1p1o1_1280tumblr_nbchvxtGUj1qgm1p1o5_1280Victo Ngai is an NY-based editorial illustrator from Hong Kong. She attended Rhode Island School of Design and since graduating has won many prestigious awards and worked with impressive clients. She has received many awards and recognition for her work, winning the Silver medal in the Advertisement category at SPECTRUM this year and the Gold medal in the Book Show at Society of Illustrators in 2013. Her clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, McDonald’s, TigerBeer, ADIDAS Hong Kong, the Sundance Film Festival, and many more.

Rebecca Mock an illustrator and comic artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been features in the New York Times, The Walrus Magazine, on Adventure Time comic covers, and others. She has participated in many anthologies and exhibitions, including Light Grey Art Lab as well as Floating World Comics. She is currently working on a graphic novel titled Four Points in collaboration with writer Hope Larson, to be published in 2015. Rebecca exhibits at many comic conventions as well— small-press and otherwise.

We are all super happy to welcome these two onto our campus this year! Be sure to click on their names above to see more of their work and explore their websites!

The Illest Crew

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