Can any major enter the t-shirt or poster design contest?

All majors are welcome to submit entries for t-shirt and poster! Check for the deadline dates.

Can any major enter the Illest contest?

All current illustration majors at Ringling College of Art and Design, but any major can submit entries for t-shirt or posters.

For the medium is it strictly digital?

Nope! You can create your image in anyway you want – but the final version will have to be scanned/photographed so that you can hand it over as a digital file.

Is there a limit on the number of designs one can submit for the posters/t-shirts?

Nope! – the more the better!

Is there any place I can download the illest logo?If you guys do the screen printing again, would we have to provide the shirt?

Yes. In the past we’ve done screen printing for 5 dollars onto any surface you provide. 

Will you be doing screen printing again?

Would there be an interest in us doing screenprints? It hasn’t been very popular in the past, so we haven’t done it in a while, but we can do $5 screenprints at Pancake Night if people are interested. 

Do you take credit/debit cards for pancake night?

Yes. We accept Credit and Debit cards at all of our events and now online.

Are you guys going to post a thumbnail view of what stickers you'll be printing at Illest/other events or something?

No. We’ll be printing about 50% of what was submitted and will first have the new ones for sale on 9.13.13 at our Pancake Night.

For sculpture submissions, do we have to submit the physical piece or just images? Also, is the deadline for those the same as the the 2D submissions?

We’d like to direct everyone to our “dates” link that is as at the top of our page. We started the planning for this year’s event last spring – and our dates and timeline has been posted ever since.


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